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1. Games will be played 4v4. If at the scheduled time a team has less than 4 players at the time of a match the game will be postponed 15 minutes, if 3 players still remain the game will be played 3v3. If 2 players remain after 15 minutes the match will be forfeited.

2. Wins are 2 points, losses are 0 points. If the game is tied after regulation overtime will be played in a public room and continues until a goal is scored. The team losing in overtime gets 1 point.

3. When a player is lagging the team with the player ices the puck for 1 minute of play. If they don't come back and their are no substitutes the game will be played 3v3. If a lag goal is scored it must be given back. However, only a few lag goals per game will be allowed, after which they won't be given back. If you are lagging just sub instead of making teams give back goals.

4. GMs will be allowed to play, it is up to them to manage their team. Leaving a team is forbidden. You will be kicked if you are cut of traded. If you leave a team you are still under the teams contract, and can be traded. It is up to GMs to post players being cut or trades happening in order to prevent players from leaving a team.

5. Own goaling, flaming and other forms of being a bitch are prohibited, you may be suspended or banned from the league for doing so.

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